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2016    Golden Shovel Award - Voted the BEST first year school garden by the Florida Dept of Agriculture. Click here for pics.

                             2017      Named a Certified Schoolyard Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

                              2017    Invited to participate in NASA's Growing Beyond Earth Project to grow edible plants in space

                               2018     Certified as a Green Flag Eco-School by the National Wildlife Federation. The only school on Florida's west coast!

                                           Congrats to Prep's Eco Team who constantly strive to reduce Prep's ecological footprint on our planet

                                2019   SMA-MAJ Walker was chosen as Middle School Agriculture Teacher of the year by the FAITC (Florida Agriculture in the Classroom)


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Eco Team and Prep Garden Botany & Environmental Scienc The Future of Farming

   University of Florida Extension (IFAS)

    IFAS Garden Pests        Pollinator Flowers

   ID an annual or perennial by image

    IFAS Annuals         IFAS Perennials        IFAS Herbs

    IFAS Vegetable Garden

    Succulents              Bonnie Plants


Image result for faitc logo  FAITC Website


    Florida Friendly Landscaping

    Florida Friendly Farms   

    Veggie Harvest               Burpee Seeds

    A Rundown on Fertilizers


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A partnership between Fairchild Tropical Gardens, NASA and SMA Prep

Growing Beyond Earth website

Space Farming

NASA Twitter



Prep Mangrove Project Click here for info and pics                                


         Click on the image, then go to Case 3-Seeds

 Cute Killers-plants that could harm you!

         Article on Microgreens          Worksheet

  Botany for Kids--lots of good links.  Thanks, Liam from                                                              Bellevue, Wa!

 More Botany for Kids       Thanks to Hudson from Pa!

  Types of Propagation     

  Parts of a Flower Diagram      Life Cycle of a Plant

  Fling the Teacher - Botany

 Composting Basics-How to make the Perfect Compost

  Worm Info        Make a worm farm



 Introduction to Hydroponics-- Article and worksheet

Home Hydro Systems    University Upstart Drip System

                              Thanks, Enzo!!

Video of Dutch Bucket System

Deep Water Culture Tutorial

Fling the Teacher-Hydroponics

Nutrient Film Technique System

   Site 1         Site 2    YouTube video

GAMES and Quizzes

 Earth Day Quizzes

 Plant Vocab Matching

  Plantasia     Farm Fun    Fruit Quiz     Veggie Quiz

  Make the Plant Grow              Germination Quiz

 Consumer, Producer, Decomposer Game

How much do you know about farming? Take this quiz

                Future Farming Project    

                                Image result for indoor farms

     Citation Practice 1        Citation Practice 2 

     Freight Farms    Growtainer        Growtainer 2                  CropBox            Cropbox 2          FarmBot  

      Land Aquaculture   Land Aquaculture History 

       Mote Aqua Park   (Land Aquaculture)

       Greenwave (Ocean Aquaculture)    History

       Aquaponics    Aquaponics 2     Aquaponic History

       Desert Greenhouses   Desert 2     Desert 3

       Rooftop Farming in urban areas

       Agricultural Robots A starting place

       Agrobot  an example of a robot. Ask me if you find

                 another one that interests you!


Read the book online here

Character Chart 


What is Marine Biology?

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