Scientific Inquiry    


    Variables Worksheet

    10 Laws and Theories you really should know

    Take this tough Laws and Theories quiz!

    Fling the Teacher-Scientific Inquiry

    Design your experiment



   Earth's Atmosphere      

        Prince Ea    Dear Future Generations: sorry

        Earth's Spheres PowerPoint    Earth's Spheres Website

        Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

        Objects in the Layers

        Where do I belong in the Atmosphere?

        Conduction, Convection and Radiation     Online Quiz

       Case of the Warming Planet

        Fling the Teacher-Atmosphere

        Heat Transfer--Introduction  

        Greenhouse Effect                                 Online Quiz

        Global Warming Website    Climate Change Wordfinds  

        Earth-Friendly Games at NASA

        Coriolis Effect #1   Coriolis #2      

        Land and Sea Breezes   

        Fling the Teacher--Air Currents

        Air Masses-scroll down to Exercise 5      Fronts   Fronts 2

        North American Winds

        Weather Stations

        Fling the Teacher-Air Masses and Fronts



 Geologic Changes

       Layers of the Earth and their features

       Convection Currents

       Earth's Magnetic Field

       Fling the Teacher-Earth's Interior



      Create your own Pangaea

     Pangaea map in motion 

     Alfred Wegener Biography 

    Fling the Teacher-Continental Drift

     Tectonic Plates

     Take a Tectonic Tour       Worksheet

     Plate Tectonics Mapping

     Fling the Teacher-Plate Tectonics   

     Shake, Rattle and Slide!        

     Folds, Faults & Mountains  

     Mountain Building      Types of Faults

     Landforms         Sinkholes

     Circuit Review



                                Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System

       NASA Space Place       NASA Kids Club!    FCAT Week

         Astronomy for Kids       Adventure to Mars

   Observing Space

      EMS Interactive

      Fling the Teacher - Electromagnetic Spectrum

                              Telescopes             Telescopes-Spanish

                             Space Exploration    Exploration-Spanish


     Backyard Astronomy Basics-Thanks to Samantha Campbell!

    Reflecting and Refracting Telescopes    

      Mars Rover Curiosity      How we got to Mars


  Earth and Moon


       Earth's Magnetic Field

       Earth's Seasons      

       Moon Phases                       Lunar Calendar

       Lunar Cycles Challenge

       Fling the Teacher     Earth's Motion     The Moon

       Tide Simulation    

       Tides Gizmo

       Eclipses          When is the next Eclipse?          Solar Eclipse Calculator     

       Fling the Teacher-Eclipses     Eclipses-Spanish

     Solar System 

      How much do you know about the Solar system?

       Explore the Planets        Planets Quiz

       Explore the Universe Game

      Planet Orbits Explained           Planet  Colors

      Solar System Jigsaw

       Fling the Teacher:

                 Inner Planets    Outer Planets    Dwarf Planets

       Eyes of the Solar System          Solar System Quiz   

       Space Rocks

       Discovery of Asteroids                



   Stars and Galaxies  

    Interactive H-R Diagrams-use worksheet

      Sun-Earth Viewer              Magnitude Lesson

      Fiery Rain on the Sun

      CME                         H-R Diagrams made simple!

      Fling the Teacher- Stars     Fling the Teacher-The Sun

         Star Life Cycle   Quiz 1     Quiz 2


     44 Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun

     Biggest Stars in the Universe

      Star Life Cycle Game

      Dark Matter and Dark Energy



 Want to be an astronomer?   

             Get started here with Backyard Astronomy

                       Link is courtesy of James from the UK!

            Try this too!   Beginner's Backyard Astronomy

            NASA for students


            Got what it takes to become an astronaut? Click here!





        The Little Professor on Earthquakes       

        Modified Mercalli Scale

        USGS Real-Time Earthquakes

        Seismic Wave 1        Seismic Wave 2

        Anatomy of a Tsunami  

        The Little Professor on Volcanoes              Volcano World  

        USGS Real-Time Volcano Activity Report

        Rock Cycle Interactive    Quiz




Severe Storms    

    NOAA Hurricane Info

    Thunderstorm Formation      


      The Professor Explains Tornadoes

     Kids Guide to Tornadoes

      Hurricanes 101          Worksheet

      Interactive Hurricane Tracker

     Create a Cane!       Storm Surge Interactive

    Matching game - Severe Weather

    Staying Safe in Severe Weather - Thanks, Ava Williams!





   Weathering , Erosion and Deposition

      Rock Cycle Interactive    Quiz

      Erosion Interactive  Refresh the page after getting the error

      Fling the Teacher  Weathering     

      Shape it up!            Online Quiz


Prince Ea--Change the WORLD

Prince Ea-Sorry



  Geologic Time  

    Geologic History   

     Relative Rock Layers--short review of superposition

     Fling the Teacher    Relative Dating

     Index Fossils-how they can be used to correlate layers

     The Fossil Record--cool fossil webquest   Worksheet

     Fling the Teacher Absolute Dating

     Virtual Dig Site

      Fling the Teacher!       Fossils         Fossils-Spanish

       Dinosaur Fun