CONGRATULATIONS Prep Agriscience Classes!

We won the 2016 Golden Shovel Award! Our garden was chosen the BEST first year school garden

by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Click here for their site.  Click here for a picture gallery. Good work, cadets!

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Prep Garden Biology, Botany & Environmental Science IB Design

   University of Florida Extension (IFAS)

    IFAS Garden Pests        Pollinator Flowers

   ID an annual or perennial by image

    IFAS Annuals         IFAS Perennials        IFAS Herbs

    IFAS Vegetable Garden

    Succulents              Bonnie Plants


Florida Agriculture in the Classroom (FAITC)FAITC Website


    Florida Friendly Landscaping

    Florida Friendly Farms   

    Veggie Harvest               Burpee Seeds


  Growing Beyond Earth

A partnership with NASA, Fairchild Botanical Gardens and SMA Prep

Growing Beyond Earth website

The Spruce website

NASA Twitter

Image result for mars white background

Journey to Mars Project

    NASA PowerPoint


 Microgreens Research Article   Common Problems

  Botany for Kids--lots of good links.  Thanks, Liam from                                                              Bellevue, Washington!

  Types of Propagation     A Rundown on Fertilizers

  Parts of a Flower Diagram      Life Cycle of a Plant

  Fling the Teacher - Botany

  Cute Killers - Pretty, but lethal plants

 Composting Basics-How to make the Perfect Compost

  Worm Info        Make a worm farm



 Home Hydro Systems        Deep Water Culture Tutorial

NFT Design Cycle Project

   Site 1         Site 2    YouTube video

GAMES and Quizzes

 Earth Day Quizzes

 Plant Vocab Matching

  Plantasia     Farm Fun    Fruit Quiz     Veggie Quiz

  Make the Plant Grow              Germination Quiz

 Consumer, Producer, Decomposer Game

How much do you know about farming? Take this quiz


                  What is the IB Design Cycle?

Future Farming Project     DIRECTIONS

                       Image result for hydroponic clip art

  Citation Practice 1        Citation Practice 2

   Freight Farms           Growtainer        Growtainer 2

  CropBox         Cropbox 2        Modular Farms 

  Land Aquaculture   Land Aquaculture History 

   Mote Aqua Park  

 Aquaculture  Sea Farms-Greenwave       History

   Aquaponics    Aquaponics 2    Mote Aquaponics   

   Desert Farming   Desert2      Rooftop Farming

  Vertical Indoor Farms   Vertical Indoor Farms History

  Vertical Farming in Africa  Vertical Farming in NJ

 FarmBot  Roomba  GardenSpace  Gardenspace2

  Robotic Farming in Australia  13 Farm Robots


Journey 2050 Journey 2050 Game 

                                     Farmers 2050 Game